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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between handmade oriental rugs vs. machine made carpets?

    1. Handmade oriental rugs have resale value. For example, handmade oriental carpets can be resold to dealers or traded for new ones. After 5-10 years, it is common to trade in your oriental rug if it no longer serves you. 

    2. Handmade oriental rugs are durabie. Machine made carpets are normally thrown away after a couple years because of wear and stains.  On the other hand, handmade oriental carpets can be washed or repaired allowing them to stay in the family for 50 to 100 years and remain in great condition.

    3. Handmade oriental rugs are cultural artifacts. The art of carpet weaving is over 3,500 years old. The oldest rug in the world dates back to 5th Century BCE.

    4. The labor- handmade rugs will clearly take longer and require more labor. With one rug typically taking six months to one year to weave. 

    5. Handmade oriental rugs are exclusive works of art and one of a kind pieces.

  2. What determines the price of a oriental rug?

    There are many factors that determine the price of an handmade oriental rug:

    1. Quality and type of materials used: For example: wool or silk

    2. Size: Bigger pieces require more time and labor

    3. Knot Count/Quality of Weave:  For example: smaller and tighter knots indicate a higher quality carpet 

    4. Design and Popularity

    5. Availability vs. Demand

    6. Age and Condition

    The prices of handmade oriental rugs are determined by many factors. The amount of labor involved, materials used, popularity of design or weaver, uniqueness, the knot count, size, age and condiiton each play a role in the cost of a handmade rug

    Handmade oriental rugs are woven using silk or wool and sometimes both. Wool is a durable, but less expensive fabric whereas silk is a more expensive, but less durable fabric. Generally, silk rugs are finer quality pieces that are uncomparable with wool rugs.

  3. Do I need a pad under my oriental rug?

    Padding is only necessary for rugs that you are afraid will slip or slide. If you plan on putting tables or chairs on your rug we believe the weight of your furniture will keep the rug in place. 

  4. How do I clean or repair my handmade oriental rug?

    Handmade oriental rugs are virtually maintenence free. Your rugs only need to be vaccumed once a week to keep dust from settling. However, be careful not to run the vacuum over the fringes of the carpet as this will cause damage to the rug.

    Normally, every 1 to 3 years your rug should be professionally washed to maintain its appearance. If you spill something on your rug, the best thing to do is instantly dab a towel over the spot to prevent the liquid from settling into the rug.

    Please call us if you need professional oriental rug cleaning or rug repair services. 

  5. Are flaws in handmade rugs acceptable?

    This is a matter of preference. As they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Since oriental and persian rugs are handmade, it is common to notice some imperfections such as crooked lines, or areas of different coloring in lower quality pieces. Some of these characteristics can be considered normal on one rug, and a flaw in another rug. In addition, many weavers believe that no rug is perfect since humans are not perfect beings and sometimes purposely create imperfections in their designs. 

  6. What are knots per square inch?

    Knots per square inch refers to the number of knots that are woven into one square inch of the rug. By looking at the back of the rug, one can generally understand the amount of labor and quality of a rug by the size and number of knots. Normally, a higher knot count equals more labor and a higher quality piece. 
  7. What services do we provide?

    For over four generations our family  has provided our customers with a place to buy, sell, trade, clean, repair, and appraise their handmade oriental rugs. 

  8. Where are we located?

    We are located in Bethesda, Maryland. We serve Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We do not operate a retail store. Please contact us for an appointment to see our rug gallery. 

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